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"If you are convinced that the universe was created only for humans, start believing that we really are not alone."

"It's not just about believing in what you see, you just have to know how to listen, read, open your mind, explore and paint"

The Art, Admiration and the Respect for beings of the other planet.

"If you are convinced that the universe was created only for man, begin to believe that we are not really alone."

Several times I have had the need to say the things I think with a great touch of sincerity and secrecy at the same time; I am not what we would call an expressive woman, many times I seem shy and I think I am dominated by introversion, however deep down I have that Latin personality that has helped me go further and get out of the everyday.


From a very young age my parents instilled in me that I should do what I liked and that I should fight for my dreams seeking the goal with all my heart and with all my passion, it is clear that my parents always wanted the best for me. In My life as a girl I only wanted to draw and paint and that is how this passion for painting was born, something that has been with me since I was born and something that will never change.


This is how most of us artists are born, emerging from within an incalculable love and desire to create, to capture, to illustrate, to paint and although I don't think I'm unique or different, I try to do things with a degree of originality, risking it. for what I believe, feel, see and read.

Betsy Marquéz Artista
André Garzón

Betsy Marquéz Artista

Today the UFO phenomenon, ufology groups, added to stories about abductions, appearances of strange beings and unexplained events make us ask ourselves almost daily: How alone are we in this immense Universe? A question that has become very common but that few want to explore and solve.


This is how my artistic proposal is punctually based on giving life to those beliefs, illustrating through art the events that have happened under the possible contacts between man and beings from other planets and showing with the greatest care the different types of extraterrestrials that could exist, always showing a total and deep respect for the races and a high respect also for the knowledge of the experts worldwide in the matter; It is clear that in the face of things that are not known, the possibility of making a mistake can grow, however, in the opinion of the existence or not of these beings, my intention is not to offend people's beliefs, my intention, as much as possible , is to mold the imagination of people who objectively do believe.



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