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Betsy Marquez

She was born on December 24, 1992 in the City of Mérida - Venezuela. He began his studies in 2011 at the National Experimental University of the Arts - Nueva Esparta, Venezuela and graduated in 2014 as a Higher University Technician of Plastic Arts.


She began as a painter in 2012 during a stage of conceptual experimentation with an inclination towards figurative painting within an expressionist line, improving great emphasis on color.

In 2014 she travels to Colombia in search of a better future and there he begins to explore different concepts of art and techniques, mainly leaning towards the Oil on Canvas style.

The original interpretation that the artist offers to her works is one of suspense, restlessness of the unknown and the unproven about ufology and extraterrestrial beings that appear in documentaries, social networks and different media. Also, his technique leans towards hypothetical surrealism, which refers to unproven facts expressed in a surreal technique.



I have always been concerned about the unknown, about the unverifiable and conspiratorial about the existence of beings on other planets. Little by little I have been creating my own criteria about the different forms of life that accompany us in this giant universe, and I am more and more convinced that the creation of man on earth is not accidental; we are definitely not alone.

I have followed different ufologists and without passion, I have been able to understand that, just as on earth we have marked differences in human beings on different continents (Blacks, Whites, slanted eyes, brunettes) in terms of physical and mental aspects, It is easy to deduce that beings from other planets also have their own features that characterize them and at the same time differentiate them. I have embodied this in the technique that gives rise to my artistic work, that is, Hypothetical Surrealism, which presents these beings, strange and interesting, in a tangible and present way among us, and one could have contact with them.

In 2015 I met who is today my current husband Andrés Pino, who is a faithful believer in extraterrestrial life and his research is a little deeper; He is a network explorer of the unknown and on a couple of occasions he has been able to see what we now call a UFO or UFO event, which has led him to follow several radio, television and network programs on this fabulous subject.

This knowledge shared by him and embodied in each of my works, added to the irreverence that in some cases I want to mold on these beings, have inspired me to create an art that is unlike, different from others, where the most important thing is knowing how to listen to different opinions. and thoughts to fill the imagination and materialize it in my works.

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